A Bath physiotherapist is setting off to Ethiopia to volunteer with a Bath-based charity.

Pamela Galloway will be teaching staff how to work with disabled children who have received a new hydrotherapy pool near Addis Adaba, in the centre of the country.

Pamela has continued to work with Bath Swim Therapy, teaching disabled and children with special needs to swim and offer them with hydrotherapy sessions.

The pool in Addis Adaba was donated by an American benefactor, but the money ran out before they could get in equipment and offer training.

Pamela said: “Training the staff is going to be additionally difficult because, in common with most people in Ethiopia, the staff are not used to going in water and are unable to swim themselves.

“Furthermore the children come from rural communities all over Ethiopia so will never have been in water before. They come to the clinic near Addis Ababa to have surgery to straighten deformities caused through neglect and lack of adequate healthcare, and following amputation of limbs for various reasons or road traffic accidents.

“The rehabilitation process can be very lengthy and often extremely painful, so I hope hydrotherapy will not only provide welcome pain relief and an additional range of exercise opportunities.”

She will leave the UK with donated equipment to take with her on Wednesday, October 21.

Pamela traveled to Mexico back in March where she provided training to staff for swimming and hydrotherapy sessions for disabled children.

Source: Bath Chronicle
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