Ethiopia: Multiple direct flights, just six hours from Delhi, cool weather, excellent historical sites, great food, and friendly people.

By Sunit Arora (Outlook India)|

New African hotspot

It feels like we’re the first Indian tourists to visit Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, given the incredulous reactions in both countries. Not surprising. From Live Aid in the 1980s (remember that?), Ethiopia has evoked imagery of drought, famine and poverty. But a few years ago, a globetrotting editor from Delhi bruited to me this travel secret: multiple direct flights, just six hours from Delhi, cool weather (thanks to the highlands), excellent historical sites, great food, and friendly people. We weren’t disappointed. From the jaw-dropping rock-hewn churches in Lalibela—which I would rate as one of the wonders of the world—to the beauty of Gondar, known as the Camelot of Africa, and the baboons of the Simien mountains, we saw an exhilarating mix of history and nature. The food, always inj­era—a dosa of sorts, served cold with dollops of hot meat and veggies on top—was great, though it did get repetitive. Tasty local beer (traditional St George is losing to newbie Walia) was always on tap. So was a steaming macchiatio. My only quibble, a small one: some of the hotels were basic.

Seeking the Queen of Sheba

It is fitting that we are in this part of Africa soon after the death of Muhammad Ali. The term ‘black power’ means something here. Ethiopians proudly wear the badge of a country that has never been colonized (except for six wretched years before the Italians, led by Mussolini, were chucked out in 1941). It also boasts of a line of supreme royalty, hailing supposedly from King Solomon of Israel. The legend is that he impregnated the Queen of Sheba (who ruled from Aksum), and that this lineage extended from the 4th to the 20th century AD. It all ended abruptly in 1975, when Emperor Haile Selassie was smothered to death with his pillow.

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