When Dr. Admassu Tsegaye says President Peter Mutharika has diversified our economy, which economy? Which diversification?

The Maravi Post Correspondent |

It seems Addis Ababa University is trying hard to gain international recognition by conferring on some people honorary degrees for achievements that are entirely false. According to Dr. Admassu Tsegaye, President of the Addis Ababa University, who presided over the conferring on President Peter Mutharika an honorary doctorate last week, Mutharika has led Malawi from aid to trade, has diversified Malawi’s economy, and has fought corruption. It was for these reasons that Addis Ababa University decided to confer on him an honorary doctorate.But, seriously, folks, did Tsegaye say this based on any evidence at all or he just dreamed up stuff to justify the conferring of the degree on our president?

Which trade has President Peter Mutharika led us to? Show us the statistics, show us the data. What were our exports before Mutharika became president? And what are our exports now? And what is the evidence of Mutharika’s policies’ impact on trade?

When Tsegaye says Mutharika has diversified our economy, which economy? Which diversification? Malawi has been relying on tobacco since independence, and it still relies on tobacco now. After tobacco there is sugar, then tea, and so on. Officials have been singing a song for a long time to make tourism a key forex earner, but nothing has been done to make the environment more conducive for improved tourist traffic.

The greatest joke is on corruption. Even as Tsegaye was saying this, a few streets away, in the Malawian embassy in Addis Ababa, hundreds of millions of kwacha were unaccounted for, the corruption having taken place on Mutharika’s watch.

If this is Dr Admassu Tsegaye’s way of joking, I suggest that he should stop joking with the fate of seventeen million souls. He should stop toying with the destiny of other nations. There are enough people in Ethiopia he could confer doctorates on, and for real achievements too, rather than bestowing honour on Mutharika for fictitious reasons.

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  1. Ned Wilber

    Dear, This is not new for us in Ethiopia. The laughable Mr. Tsegaye has been a very professional liar throughout his carrier.


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