Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Ravina Shamdasani
Location: Geneva
Date:  19 August 2016                         

Given the extremely alarming reports that emerged earlier this month about serious human rights violations in the Oromia and Amhara regions of Ethiopia, the High Commissioner reached out to the Ethiopian Government, seeking access for independent observers to the country to assess the human rights situation. We have now received a reply from the Government, indicating that they will launch an independent investigation into the events.

We welcome the decision to launch an independent investigation, and we urge the Government to ensure that the investigation has a mandate to cover allegations of human rights violations since the unrest in Oromia began in November 2015, that it is indeed independent, transparent, thorough and effective, with a view to establishing whether the use of excessive force occurred and with a view to bringing to justice the perpetrators of any human rights violations.

We stand ready to assist in ensuring that the investigation is undertaken in line with international human rights standards. We also reiterate our request for access to the affected areas, as the situation on the ground makes it very challenging for independent civil society actors to operate, particularly given the tense situation in parts of the Oromia and Amhara regions, where a large security presence has reportedly been deployed, and there are reports of ongoing arbitrary arrests, intimidation and harassment of people in the regions.

We call on the Government to ensure that the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression are protected and that those detained for exercising these rights are promptly released. Protests must be handled by security forces with full respect for international human rights laws and standards on the use of force.

We also call on the Government to work towards opening up the political and democratic space. This should include a comprehensive reform of the security sector, as well as legislative and institutional reforms.

Source: UN Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner
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7 Responses

  1. Haile Tasisa

    Thousands of Oromo civilians have been killed, imprisoned, tortured, raped in common place especially in secret detention centers. so the
    international community must hear our voices.

  2. Welkait

    The current Ethiopian government (tplf) trying to divide and rule for 25 years. Worked only for their elites and political affiliates. Robbed land from people and changed the Ethiopian political landscape for the worst. Gov. gave birth control shots for young Amhara women without there knowledge, to reduce the Amhara population (the women took government provided vaccination none of them are given birth for years). The tplf government interference in religious institutions is sickening! Tplf arrested, kidnapped, tortured or killed anyone who has a different view than theirs. Made many concious citizens flee their country. Now when the Ethiopian people unite and say no more injustice tplf troops are shooting and killing citizens on a broad daylight.
    Endless list of immodest and criminal acts done by this tplf power has been committed!

  3. Sibehat

    Is the UN really expecting what they are requesting from the Tigre TPLF terrorist group which has been operating in the name of a government for the last 2 decades? Or just because the UN does nothing else to implement its demands.

  4. Nassir youseff

    At the moment must Ethiopians better of Oromos Confused By Amhara Gangesterling look Oromos have everythings at this time All Oromos going to schools Ethiopias Somalian are very happy Today Somal chides at school in this time 43 millions children at school the The must who Oppose Amara on the try fullin Others……..thanks


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