ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (News24)―Ethiopia’s government says 10 rebels who attacked vehicles headed to a massive dam project (the Grand Renaissance Dam) and killed nine people have been sentenced to prison.

Ethiopia has accused the rebels of being trained and equipped by neighboring Eritrea, which denies it. They were arrested in March.

The state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported on Thursday (April 13) that the prison sentences ranged from nine years to life.

The government says the rebels’ target was the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The project has caused concern in Egypt, which says the dam will reduce its share of the Nile River.

The dam is estimated to be more than half complete.

Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a border war from 1998 to 2000 and have had border skirmishes since then. Each has accused the other of supporting armed rebel groups.

Source: News24
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One Response

  1. Nahom

    They should put the GERD dam adminstrators in jail too for their bid rigging crimes. In Ethiopia the construction industry is plagued heavily by bid rigging resulting in the suffering of the people who try to conduct business honestly. International aid that was supposed to build infrastructures to benefit the public are being embezzled by bid rigging and by low quality below standard construction practices being common . Woyanes suppliers are known for supplying over priced below standard raw materials that are harming the public. The businesses that try to bid honestly providing quality products are being forcefully thrown out of competition by Woyane so Woyane monopolizes the market in every sector.

    Bid rigging is a major crime in other countries but not in Ethiopia. For example in the United States, bid rigging is a felony criminal offense under Section 1 of the Sherman Act. Even so, bid rigging is still rampant in the construction industry, auto sale auctions, and foreclosed home auctions. In Canada, it is an indictable criminal offence under Section 47 of the Competition Act.
    In the United Kingdom, individuals can be prosecuted criminally under the Enterprise Act 2002.
    Also in japan bid rigging is a violation of Japanese criminal law and the Japan Anti-Monopoly Law, bid rigging is still a habitual practice of the Japanese construction industry. It has been shown by a number of academic studies both in Japan and in the USA to be a system which considerably inflates the cost of construction projects, and in the Japanese public sector, considerably wasteful of annual tax money amounting to billions of Japanese yen. The US Government, specifically the United States Trade Representative Office and Department of Commerce, made fierce efforts in the late 1980s and early 1990s to urge the Japanese government to scrap “Dango” as a de facto non-tariff barrier to foreign firms in the Japanese construction market. Despite years of negotiations, including promises by the Japanese government in the S.I.I. (Structural Impediment Initiative trade talks, the practice was never fully stamped out and continued to flourish.

    In 2006, Tadahiro Ando the then governor of Miyazaki Prefecture, resigned over a series of bid rigging allegations and was subsequently sentenced to over three years in jail.As of 2008, thirteen lawsuits were still pending over 1990s’ bid rigging for local government contracts to supply incinerator plants in Japan.


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