It’s a dog’s life, and it’s your responsibility to give them the best one they can have. But what does that mean? It means taking care of their basic needs – food, water, shelter from the elements and veterinary care when needed.

But what about all those other things that you see in commercials on TV or online ads for pet products? They’re great if you want to spoil your pup with extras like toys, treats and stylish clothes… but do they really make a difference in how happy your dog is?

Here are some ways to spend wisely for your dogs with their needs.

Provide Your Dog With Nutritious Food and Drink

It is important to provide your dogs with a healthy diet and nutritious food and drink. This will help keep them physically and emotionally fit and in good health. You can choose to go for dry dog foods that are pre-prepared, or you can choose to make your own food. There are also a number of food items and drinks that you can buy at stores. These nutritious foods and drinks will give them the energy and the nutrients that they need to stay happy, healthy, and energetic.

Keep the Safety of Your Pets in Mind

Avoid potentially dangerous situations where your dogs might get hurt or could get injured. For instance, you can’t let your dog run loose around the neighborhood if he has the tendency to chase other dogs. You must also teach your pets the right way of behaving around different people and animals, so that they won’t end up hurting them. Know the basics of dog obedience training, or enlist the help of professional dog trainers, so that your dogs can be well trained. You can read more information about containing your dog within your area.

Keep your dog in an area where the temperature is appropriate for their breed and size – too hot or cold can lead to serious health problems like heatstroke (and possibly death) if you’re not careful.

Health of Your Pets

Give your pup medical care when needed, including vaccinations, heartworm prevention and flea/tick treatments.

Make sure your pup gets plenty of exercise to stay healthy – they need at least 30 minutes a day of playtime or walks, most days of the week (and even more if they’re young).

Provide Your Dog With Comfortable Toys

When you are with your dog, you might be tempted to simply pet them and stroke them as you like. However, that is not how a dog feels about. They want to be appreciated for their special qualities that they possess, and you should understand this. So, provide them with safe toys that can entertain them while you take time to pamper them and have some quality time together. There are toys that can be adjusted and are safe for them to play with indoors and outdoors, so consider these options first.

Give them toys that are appropriate for their size and age – small breeds do better with toys that they can carry in their mouths, while larger dogs enjoy things like bones and antlers.


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